For 3rd-8th grades are

📖Here is a writing prompt to inspire your students for the spontaneous writing for the second trimester:

The hubbub of the Heritage Weekly Market pulled me in with the sounds of… and the scent of… long before I even reached the door…

📝Finish the sentence and keep going for five minutes. ✍🏻Write whatever comes to your mind when you see the prompt. Try to base it on your experiences.
Have fun!

⏰The student may have 5 minutes to look over the writing after finishing and check for spelling mistakes. Then do not make any changes.
⭐️Please turn it in unrevised and handwritten.

Also, please turn in a revised and typed expository writing and a revised and typed creative writing for each student in grades 3-8.

3️⃣-8️⃣This evaluation is for grades 3-8.
High schoolers will turn in their writings in the context of their classes on a different schedule.

🗓️Please turn in evaluations to your homeschool adviser by July 8.